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Miss Clara’s Porch

The place where a Coke, a Sweetheart cookie and a talk with Miss Clara can make everything all right!

When I was young, my Dad would read to me from Uncle Remus. I loved to hear the stories and I loved to hear the language of the old black southern South.
I work in home health in physical therapy. For a long while, all of my patients were the older black ladies that had been the “caretakers” for the rich white people. I found that they had a charm about them that I haven’t found anywhere else. I would sit and listen to their stories about what it was like when they were younger. They were for the most part uneducated, yet had an education that you don’t receive from an institution. I would sit mesmerized by their speech and their story telling ability.
Miss Clara is my Uncle Remus. Miss Clara has a style all her own. She lives in me through these little ladies that I was blessed enough to meet. I hope she blesses you like she has me.
Grab yourself a Coke and a Sweetheart cookie, and have a seat on the swing!

Miss Clara gave direction.  She wanted me to be everything God wanted me to be.  Her purpose was not to give me the answers, but to help me walk on my own path and to teach me how to find answers within myself.

“Love yourself Butch so’s that you can love other people.  They may not give it back to you, but that’s O.K.  You loves them anyway.  You is responsible for Butch.  Use those eyes that see and ears that hear.  They will never leads you wrong.”

Miss Clara showed me that love is the greatest gift you can give.

The Elderly has always been a love for Charles Edward all proceeds/profits of this book will go to help them in many ways.


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